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Manuel Iljitsch is a conceptual strategist, copy- and screenwriter. He also publishes and performs poetry.


His clients and collaborators range from the international advertisement, fashion and beauty industry to editorial publications and streaming services. 

He pretty much does it all; and yes, that did seem somewhat random and vague to him for quite some time. But no more!, today he embraces all facets of his writing appetite — that can get inspired by, you know: J. Butler, the mistral and a delicious yoghurt ad alike. 


At the heart of his work, there is always the same fascination with the human condition — and its varying mythologies, apps and dance challenges. Iljitsch tries to soak it all in, and he tries to spill it all out. He does so in English and German, and can respond to briefings and insults in Spanish, French and Italian. 


Moonlighting as an occasional actor, voice-actor and director gives him a chance to get away from the pen-and-paper and put his ideas into practice.


Lastly, he finds it kind of a vicarious pleasure to write about himself in the third person (I mean, you guessed it: I am writing these lines myself). 


So let’s cut the BS: I, Manuel, am based between Berlin and Mexico City. 



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